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GTS II, LTD is a pioneer in the provision of passenger luxury transportation services understands the desire of corporate travel departments to consolidate its luxury transportation program from end to end, with clear communication to such a lead provider answering to all aspects of the luxury service. GTS Luxury continually evaluates internally its full technical resources to provide a complete solution to its Company Executives, Senior Partners, Corporate Clients, Private Parties, and all Corporate and Personal Events.

There are compelling strategic reasons why you should consider GTS Luxury as a Luxury transportation provider. There are many black limousine companies in the industry whose offers look promising, sometimes the service they provide is unreliable and intolerable. With GTS Luxury resources, we can provide your personnel with over 25 Mercedes Benz and BMW’s, special company event coverage, and totally LUXURY service. Along with our competitive rates, you will be attracted to the many specialty services we have to offer.

The next consideration would be of our Network in Tri-State area. GTS Luxury maintains an Affiliate Network providing for accommodations in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York State, for rides opposite travel to your company needs. GTS Luxury dedicate 800 number, users would be able to call and use their company account or their personal credit cards, for trips any where in Tri-State area, giving company requirement information.

GTS Luxury is the most innovative and progressive luxury service provider, offering unique technologies while continually enhancing this service. GTS Luxury internal resources have taken this technology than anyone in this space to ensure satisfactory loyal customer relationship management and supply chain management. As a result, our customers have benefited considerably from convenience of the features and benefits of our service enhancements. GTS Luxury will be able to offer a paperless solution with closed transactions in vehicle via VIP or credit card.

GTS Luxury is committed to dedicating the best of its resources to deliver a fully carefree luxury service to your organization.

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64-32 Shaler Ave.
Ridgewood, NY 11385
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Toll Free: 1-800-940-1GTS
Local: 1-718-366-6856
Local: 1-718-366-1630
Fax: 1-718-366-6957

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